Association Meeting - NNDR Update

04/11/2014 / 1350

IRRV London & Home Counties Association held a meeting on Monday 15th December that provided an update of the latest issues affecting business rates following the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

Presentations were given on;

Autumn Statement Changes (incl. State Aid Issues) - Gordon Heath, Chairman, Law and Research Committee, IRRV National Council

Rating Appeals Issues (incl. Autumn Statement changes)- Christopher Grose, Divisional Director, Rating CAPITA

copies of the slides are attached


London & Home Counties Presidents

The full list of past Presidents and Chairs of the London & Home Counties Assocation can be found here

New London & Home Counties President - Allan Clark

At the recent AGM, Allan Clark, Subsidy & Complinace Manager for Elevate East London was elected as President of the IRRV London and Home Counties Association.

Allan writes ......Firstly I am honoured to be the incoming President of the London and Home Counties Association, this association has a strong executive committee who as a group have significantly contributed to our profession over the years.  In my year as President I will therefore be looking to maintain our past successes and ensure our members have a varied and enjoyable programme of events throughout the year.   As a committee we discuss topical issues and attempt to put on briefings and events which we believe you will be interested in.  However if any of our association members have any ideas or thoughts around areas they would like to see covered at future briefings I would welcome your comments.  In keeping with the tradition of this association I feel I must also set myself a personal challenge in hope of raising a good sum of money for charity.  My chosen charity is MacMillan Cancer Support and I will be taking part in a cycling event, I am relatively new to cycling so still trying to work out what event my abilities will handle and what level of training will be required.  I do plan on keeping some form of journal of my progress from training to the event so stay tuned, more to follow…….

Latest Developments in Enforcement

On Thursday 18th September we held an Association meeting commencing at 4:00pm, where Paul Sharpe (Equita) presented on the latest developments in the Enforcement Industry - a copy of the presentation is attached.

Association Newsletter - September 2013

The latest issue of the Assocaition newsletter is now availiable. If anyone has any comments on the newsletter (good or bad) or ideas for future issues please contact

Slides - The Latest Issues Affecting Business Rates

On 16th December L&HC heald a meeting on the Current Rating Issues (incl. Autumn Statement changes).

Presentations were made by

Christopher Grose, Carla-Maria Heath, Gordon Heath, & Geoff Fisher. Copies are availible to download now.


  • President & Treasurer
    Allan Clark MSc, FIRRV, MCMI
  • Vice President
    Dominic Cain IRRV (Hons), MBA
  • Immediate Past President
    David Graaff IRRV (Hons), MCIP, MBA
  • Secretary

    Paul McDermott FIRRV & National Council Member

  • Assistant Secretary
    Nick Rowe IRRV (Hons) & National Council Member
  • Executive Committee Members

    Geoff Fisher FRICS DIP(Rating) IRRV (Hons),

    Carla-Maria Heath BA, IRRV (Hons)

    * Gordon Heath BSc, IRRV (Hons)

    Phil Black IRRV (Hons)

    Andy Cummins Tech IRRV, DMS

    Bola Odunsi IRRV (Hons)

    Roy Tilbury IRRV (Hons)

    Chris Boylett IRRV Tech,

    Matt Kelly IRRV Tech,

    Dharsh Chander IRRV (Hons),

    Steve Wells IRRV (Hons)

    Chris Grose IRRV (Hons)

    * Louise Freeth IRRV (Hons)

    National Council member